Postpartum Waist Trainer


We recommend the Latex Waist Trainer for all post-partum waist training. This is due to the supportive nature of the material and the length. The longer length of 30cm helps reduce the appearance of the "mummy tummy" many women experience after pregnancy.

We recommend speaking with your doctor before using our waist trainers after a C-section.

- 3 rows of adjustable hook and eye closures
- 100% Latex core with Polyester and Spandex lining
- Flexible boned structure
- High compression material smooths and sculpts your figure
- 30cm length helps pull in low hanging bellies
- Great for postpartum waist training

- Slims midsection
- Aids in weight loss
- Supresses hunger
- Improves posture
- Reduces back pain and tension
- Encourages perspiration.