Postpartum Waist Trainer

Waist Training After Pregnancy

While the first several months after child birth are an exciting time for all new mothers, feeling confident with your body after going through such a big change is hard. By wearing a postpartum waist trainer, you can help to restore strength and confidence to the stomach area during the initial after birth period. We recommend wearing a waist trainer alongside a healthy and balanced diet to help get your body back to its best condition.

    You may have even heard about celebrities such as Kylie Jenner, Kim Kardashian and Chrissy Tiegen using waist trainer help get their pre-pregancy body back. We've put together some frequently asked questions to help you select the right post pregnancy waist trainer.


    How long after giving birth can I use it?

    We recommend waiting at least six weeks after childbirth before using our postpartum waist trainers. If you are unsure, we also recommend to check with your doctor if you are ready to start waist training after child birth. If you feel uncomfortable at any time please discontinue using the waist trainer.


    Which Waist Trainer is right for postpartum waist training?

    We recommend our Latex Waist Trainer for all postpartum waist training. This is due to the supportive nature of the material and the length. The longer length of 30cm helps reduce the appearance of the "mummy tummy" many women experience after child birth. We recommend waiting at least 6 weeks after childbirth before using our waist trainers.


    What size should I get?

    It may be tempting to squeeze into your pre-pregnancy size, however wearing a waist trainer too small for your current waist measurement will be uncomfortable and will not help you achieve your desired results. We recommend purchasing the size  

    Please see our some of before and after results from our waist trainers below:

    waist trainer before and after

    "Absolutely love it, I started off with everyday trainer and lost over a stone, didn’t fit into it anymore, so got the latex and I love it so much!"

    waist trainer before and after

    "A month ago I decided to see if waist training was what people really said it was! At first I was sceptical but wow, the difference in my waist in a month is crazy! Not only can I show off my curves with pride, I feel more confident too. Waist training has supported my posture whilst at work as well. So if you are looking at the pros and cons on google or whatever, take it from me, I'm glad I did it"

    waist trainer before and after

    "I have been using your waist trainer for 2 weeks and I can't believe the difference. I started on the loosest hook and it was a real stretch to get on, now I am very comfortable on the tightest one! I will be buying the latex one this week."

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