When to Move Down To The Next Hook On Your Waist Trainer

If you have received your first waist trainer and you've started waist training, you may be wondering when is the right time you should move down to the next hook. Many customers contact us after a few weeks, happy with their progress so far and ready to tighten up!

Due to the elastic nature of our waist trainers, they will adjust slightly to your body over time. This will usually happen in the first couple of weeks as your waist trainer garment breaks in.

You don’t want to size down too soon because one of the most important factors in waist training is using a trainer that fits correctly. If yours is too small, it may break or be very uncomfortable to wear. On the other hand, a waist trainer that is too loose won’t give you the desired benefits.

So how do you know that you’re ready to move down to the next hook? Here are the signs.

The waist trainer doesn’t feel as tight.

If your waist trainer just doesn’t feel as tight as it used to, it’s probably time. If the waist trainer is sliding around at all, it’s probably too big. It should be snug.

You don’t feel the compression.

One of the ways waist training works is by making you sweat more around your midsection because of the compression. If you’re not feeling the heat, it’s not working the way it should.

You don’t feel the support.

Are you able to slouch? You shouldn’t be able to on the correct tightness. Any time you’re wearing it, you should feel like your posture is straight and tall.

What happens if you are on the tightest hook?

If you think it’s time to move down to the next size, the sure-fire way to know is to simply take your waist measurement and check out our waist training size guide! If you’re on the fence between two sizes, we recommend wearing the larger size for just a little longer. But if you’re comfortable within the smaller size range, go for it!

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