What Is Waist Training?

What Is Waist Training?

A waist trainer is a type of high compression garment which is worn around the midsection. It’s designed to instantly shape your body, giving you a sculpted look in a matter of minutes.

A high quality waist trainer does much more than provide a temporary boost. The majority are designed to deliberately make you sweat more while you work out, giving you better results with less exercise. By stimulating thermal activity within your core, every time you exercise it will be more effective and you’ll have the added benefit of improved posture too. If you ever thought hourglass curves were a fantasy, a waist trainer could be just what you need.

A good diet and exercise are important to help trim your waist but they’re even more effective when combined with a waist trainer. We recommend following a healthy diet and exercise regime when waist training:

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Balanced Diet


If you’ve always been envious of Kim K’s curves, this is your chance to get a shapely new body. Wearing a waist trainer can help you stay focused on eating healthily and it’s an easy approach that anyone could follow.