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Using Your Waist Trainer

The compression of the waist trainer can take a while to get used to and your garment will need to be gently broken in too. Don’t make the mistake of doing too much, too soon. If you’ve never done any waist training before, it’s essential to start slowly.

The first time you wear your waist trainer, you may be taken aback by how it feels; the chances are you’ve never worn anything that’s designed to fit you this tightly. Start by doing it up on the loosest setting.
  • If you’re wondering where to start, the easiest way to fasten it up is by doing up the bottom hook and then working your way up.
  • Once it’s done up and in position, you may feel rather stiff; this is correct as this is how it keeps your midsection in position and your back straight.
  • This is also why after approximately an hour it can start to feel uncomfortable. You’ll need to build up your strength to be able to wear your waist trainer for longer.
Remember: a waist trainer should never hurt or cause physical pain. If you ever experience this, the waist trainer should be removed instantly.

As you steadily increase the amount of time you’re wearing the waist trainer, you can split the sessions into two rather than one continuous period throughout the day. This can make it easier on your body. After no more than a couple of weeks you’ll probably be comfortable enough to wear your waist trainer all day long.
We suggest a minimum of six hours to get the best results.